Turn checkbox to Boostrap toggle button with iOS style.
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Very simple, fast and lightweight (> 2K) jquery plugin for bootstrap to render checkbox like iOS style switch button.


    on: 'On', // default 'On'
    off: 'Off', // default 'Off'
    onLabel: 'closed', //default ''
    offLabel: 'open', //default ''
    same: false, // default false. same text for on/off and onLabel/offLabel
    size: 'lg', // xs/sm/md/lg, default 'md'
    onClass: 'primary', //success/primary/danger/warning/default, default 'primary'
    offClass: 'default', //success/primary/danger/warning/default default 'default'


Copy the bootstrap-switch.js or use bower to install:

bower install bootstrapswitch