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Tweeting content from the following Trove zones:

  • Journals, articles and data sets
  • Books
  • Pictures, photos, and objects
  • Music, sound, and video
  • Maps
  • Diaries, letters, and archives

See me in action at @TroveBot.

For digitised newspapers see @TroveNewsBot.

Built using the Trove API, the Twitter API, and the AlchemyAPI.

Making a bot query

Simply tweet some keywords or a url to TroveBot. If it's a url, TroveBot will use AlchemyAPI to extract keywords from the page.

TroveBot will look across Trove zones to see where there are matches. It'll then choose a zone at random and return the most relevant result.

Modifying your bot query

To limit your query to a particular zone or format, simply add one of these facets to your tweet:

  • #artwork ('Art work' facet in the picture zone)
  • #article (anything in the article zone)
  • #chapter ('Article/Book chapter' facet in the article zone)
  • #paper ('Article/Conference paper' facet in article zone)
  • #report ('Article/Report' facet in article zone)
  • #review ('Article/Review' facet in article zone)
  • #book (anything in the book zone)
  • #proceedings ('Conference Proceedings' facet in book zone)
  • #data ('Data set' facet in article zone)
  • #map (anything in the map zone)
  • #object ('Object' facet in picture zone)
  • #periodical ('Periodical', 'Periodical/Journal, magazine, other', 'Periodical/Newspaper' facets in article zone
  • #photo ('Photograph' facet in picture zone)
  • #picture (anything in picture zone)
  • #poster ('Poster, chart, other' facet in picture zone)
  • #archives (anything in the archives zone)
  • #score ('Printed music' facet in the music zone)
  • #sound (anything in the music zone)
  • #interview ('Sound/Interview, lecture, talk' facet in the music zone)
  • #music ('Sound/Recorded music' facet in the music zone)
  • #thesis ('Thesis' facet in the book)
  • #video ('Video' facet in music zone)
  • #abcrn (limit to ABC Radio National content in music zone)

You can also add the following filters:

  • #aus (limit to 'Australian' content)
  • #online (limit to content freely available online)

Both of these are very metadata quality dependent, so they mightn't always be accurate.

By default all keywords are required for a match. To change this you can add the #any tag. This will match records that contain any of your keywords.

In theory, your 'keywords' could be anything that works in Trove's simple search box. This includes things like fielded searches -- eg creator:("Wragge, Clement").

Random goodness

If you supply a query TroveBot will normally return the most relevant record it can find. If you want to dig deeper, you can include the #luckydip tag to make the bot deliver a random record from the matching results.

If you just want to play around without specifying a query, you can:

  • include the tag #luckydip by itself to get a random record from somewhere in Trove
  • include one of the facets above by itself to get a random record from that zone/format.


  • Search for a book matching 'wragge': @TroveBot wragge #book
  • Search for an Australian thesis related to a wikipedia page: @TroveBot #thesis #aus
  • Search for a random photo available online: @TroveBot #photo #online

Automatic botness

  • Several times a day TroveBot will tweet a random item.

Released under CC0 licence.