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WRENCH is a simulation framework for building simulators of Workflow Management Systems. WRENCH implements high-level simulation abstractions on top of the SimGrid simulation framework, so as to make it possible to build simulators that are accurate, that can run scalably on a single computer, and that can be implemented with minimal software development effort.

This release includes a series of new features and bug fixes, including:

  • #37: Energy consumption by hosts and support for power state management
  • #60: Virtual machine management support including shutdown, start, suspend, and resume operations
  • #13: Enriched set of simulation events in the simulation output
  • #59: Command-line options
  • Bug fixes: #38, #63, #64, #66
  • Code improvements: #36, #61

Note: WRENCH 1.1 requires SimGrid 3.20 or higher.

Documentation and additional information: http://wrench-project.org
WRENCH 101 Documentation: http://wrench-project.org/wrench/1.1/user/wrench-101.html