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Puppet modules for WSO2 products
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WSO2 Puppet Modules


We have moved WSO2 Puppet Modules to separate product specific repositories and as a result this repository has been deprecated. WSO2 Puppet base module has been moved to puppet-base repository and a new puppet-common repository has been introduced for setting up Puppet development environments. Please find the new repository list here.

This repository contains Puppet modules for installing and configuring WSO2 products on various environments. Each puppet module is designed to support multiple versions of a WSO2 product.

Configuration data is managed using [Hiera] ( Hiera provides a mechanism for separating configuration data from Puppet scripts and managing them in a separate set of YAML files in a hierarchical manner.

Supported Operating Systems

  • Debian 6 or higher
  • Ubuntu 12.04 or higher

Supported Puppet Versions

  • Puppet 2.7, 3 or newer

Getting Started

Refer to the product specific README guides to get started with WSO2 Puppet Modules.

  1. WSO2 API Manager
  2. WSO2 Application Server
  3. WSO2 Business Process Server
  4. WSO2 Business Rules Server
  5. WSO2 Complex Event Processor
  6. WSO2 Data Analytics Server
  7. WSO2 Data Services Server
  8. WSO2 Enterprise Store
  9. WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus
  10. WSO2 Governance Registry
  11. WSO2 Governance Registry Publisher Store
  12. WSO2 Identity Server
  13. WSO2 Identity Server Key Manager
  14. WSO2 Message Broker

How to Contribute

  1. Fork
  2. Follow the steps mentioned in the wiki to setup a development environment and update/create new puppet modules
  3. Send a PR
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