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A collection of LaTeX packages by Peter Wilson
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abstract Corrected spelling of the abstract package. Jun 6, 2012
anonchap (CUA)->herries press Aug 23, 2009
bez123 Corrected spelling of the bez123 package. Jun 6, 2012
booklet Corrected spelling of the booklet package. Jun 6, 2012
ccaption Corrected spelling of the ccaption package. Jun 6, 2012
changepage Corrected spelling of the changepage package. Jun 6, 2012
combine Corrected spelling of the combine package. Jun 6, 2012
continue add new CONTINUE package Jan 12, 2019
epigraph update readme & copyright details Jan 4, 2020
hanging Corrected spelling of the hanging package. Jun 6, 2012
ifmtarg ifmtarg typo and doc fixes Apr 23, 2018
midpage nextpage version update Sep 3, 2009
needspace typos in needspace doc Apr 1, 2013
newfile Corrected spelling of the newfile package. Jun 6, 2012
nextpage epigraph/nextpage: change of plan - use dependencies instead! Aug 7, 2011
pagenote Corrected spelling of the pagenote package. Jun 6, 2012
paper add memdesign Sep 15, 2009
printlen printlen Sep 3, 2009
stdclsdv Corrected spelling of the stdclsdv package. Jun 6, 2012
tocbibind Corrected spelling of the tocbibind package. Jun 6, 2012
tocvsec2 update readme Mar 10, 2014
verse actually bump version number (oops) May 10, 2014
xtab Corrected spelling of the xtab package. Jun 6, 2012
.gitignore add new CONTINUE package Jan 12, 2019 Create May 16, 2018


The Herries Press Collection

This repository contains a collection of LaTeX packages originally written by Peter Wilson. These packages are now maintained by Will Robertson, who hopes that they won't require too much upkeep.

Please direct all bug reports and feature requests to the GitHub issue tracker.

I don't have time to actively develop all of the packages here; if you think you would do a better job on any particular package (especially the larger ones such as xtab), feel free to request maintainership for yourself.

The packages in this repository are:

Other packages and classes by Peter Wilson that are not contained within this repository (and not maintained by Will Robertson) include:

Will Robertson

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