Hobby's spline algorithm in Matlab
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Easy splines in Matlab

This code can be used to draw cubic splines in Matlab by only entering the points through which the spline should pass. Control points are calculated automatically using the algorithm of Hobby (1986), which allows a slope and "tension" of the spline to be specified instead.

The algorithm has been extended into 3D in a similar fashion as the Asymptote software by John Bowman et al. (2008).

See the inline help in the .m file for usage information.

Hobby (1986) "Smooth, easy to compute interpolating splines" http://www.springerlink.com/content/p4w1k8w738035w80/

John C. Bowman and Andy Hammerlindl (2008) "Asymptote: A vector graphics language" TUGBOAT: The Communications of the TeX Users Group, 29:2, 288-294 (2008).

Copyright and licensing details

Distributed under the terms and conditions of the 2-clause BSD license:

Copyright 2013 Will Robertson and The University of Adelaide All rights reserved.