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This is a simple Zulip bot that converts a Zulip conversation into an event context. People can then use simple commands to rsvp to an event, set the hour, time, place, and easily ping every person who RSVP'ed.


  • Make your pull requests to the dev branch
  • Write tests for any new command or feature introduced
  • Make sure the requirements.txt file is kept up to date
  • Make sure any new messages that the bot sends publicly or privately follow the RC Social Rules. It takes a village, people!
  • New features are TOTALLY AWESOME, but RSVPBot has a few open issues you can take a look at if you want to get familiarized with the code or you're looking for ideas on how to contribute.

Environment Variables

# Required
export ZULIP_RSVP_EMAIL="<bot-email>"
export ZULIP_RSVP_KEY="<bot-key>"

# Optional
export ZULIP_RSVP_SITE=""  # default is
export ZULIP_KEY_WORD="rsvp"                          # default is rsvp
export GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS="/path/to/file" # default is None
export GOOGLE_CALENDAR_ID="" # default is None

To get set up with Google Application Credentials, see the Google Credentials Setup Instructions.


First, make sure python requirements are installed:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Then, to run the bot:


Updating User Email mapping

RSVPBot stores a mapping of email addresses to names, which is updated every time a realm_user event is received. Since rsvp responses are stored by email address, this mapping is used to convert the email addresses into names for commands like rsvp ping and rsvp summary. If running this bot for the first time, you can run


which will download all users/email addresses from zulip and populate the json file dictionary. This command is safe to run multiple times.




Command Description
rsvp yes Marks you as attending this event.
rsvp no Marks you as not attending this event.
rsvp init Initializes a thread as an RSVPBot event. Must be used before any other command.
rsvp help Shows this handy table.
rsvp ping Pings everyone that has RSVP'd so far.
rsvp set time HH:mm Sets the time for this event (24-hour format) (optional)
rsvp set date DATE Sets the date for this event (see "date format" section for supported formats) (optional, defaults to the date the event was created with rsvp init)
rsvp set description DESCRIPTION Sets this event's description to DESCRIPTION (optional)
rsvp set place PLACE_NAME Sets the place for this event to PLACE_NAME (optional) (alias: rsvp set location)
rsvp set limit LIMIT Set the attendance limit for this event to LIMIT. Set LIMIT as 0 for infinite attendees.
rsvp cancel Cancels this event (can only be called by the caller of rsvp init)
rsvp move <destination_url> Moves this event to another stream/topic. Requires full URL for the destination (e.g.'') (can only be called by the caller of rsvp init)
rsvp summary Displays a summary of this event, including the description, and list of attendees.
rsvp credits Lists all the awesome people that made RSVPBot a reality.

Date format

The rsvp set date command supports US-style dates (mm/dd/yy(yy)), ISO 8601 dates (yyyy-mm-dd), and tries to understand most human dates. The following (non exhaustive) examples are all valid ways to set the date:

rsvp set date 08/29/16
rsvp set date 2016-08-29
rsvp set date today
rsvp set date tomorrow
rsvp set date in 2 days
rsvp set date tuesday next week