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Swap face between two photos.
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The program to deal with video is developed
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Swap face between two photos for Python 3 with OpenCV and dlib.

Get Started

python --src imgs/test6.jpg --dst imgs/test7.jpg --out results/output6_7.jpg --correct_color
Source Destination Result
python --src imgs/test6.jpg --dst imgs/test7.jpg --out results/output6_7_2d.jpg --correct_color --warp_2d
Source Destination Result



Note: See requirements.txt for more details.

Git Clone

git clone

Swap Your Face

python ...

Note: Run python -h for more details.

Real-time camera

For some reason, you need to put haarcascade_frontalface_default.xml(Location of haarcascade_frontalface_default.xml) in folder models/ manually.

python video_handler --src_img imgs/test7.jpg


python video_handler --src_img imgs/test7.jpg --video_path video/

Make sure the landmarks actually locate in the face.Then drag the left mouse to make a rectangle, it should surround the face.Finally, we handle our video.Note that the demo works best with good, even lighting. The demo also needs support for opencv TRACKER(see config). image

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