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% This is the template file for articles to appear in the journal HSSA (
% The class and style files mentioned below are maintained at
% where they are publicly available. There is also simple documentation available
% there for journal authors and for typesetters.
% -- Dominik Wujastyk, 2021-01-01
% name your bibliography file the same as this file, with extension .bib
\HSSAarticletitle{The Title}
\HSSAauthorname{The Author}
\HSSAauthoraddress{University of University}
\DOI{to be assigned by the editor}
% \usepackage[figuresright]{rotating} % for rotating figures sometimes
%\renewcommand{\q}[1]{\relax }
\MSnocite{Pune BORI 220 of 1882--83}
\MSnocite{Chennai ARL 75278}
\lettrine[lines=2,loversize=.1] {I}{n} the contemporary
global market for wellness, the combining of Yoga and
ms.\ &manuscript\\
Ed.\ &Edition\\
One thing and another.
This and that.
\defbibnote{blurb01}{\emph{In English alphabetical order.}}
notkeyword=edition, % not flagged as such in the bib file
[title=Text Editions,
keyword=edition, % flagged as such in the bib file
[title=Secondary Literature,
notkeyword=edition] % keep the editions in the Text Editions section only