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A basic sinatra application with a few pre-installed components: sprockets, backbone.js, slim, eco, zepto.js, and sinatra-reloader
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Sinatra + Sprockets + Slim + Sinatra-reloader Example

Credit comes from for the initial inspiration to get this thing working.


git clone git://
cd sinatra-sprockets-slim
bundle install
bundle exec thin start
firefox localhost:3000

It should work with both ruby 1.9.3 and ruby 2.0.0.

Heroku deployment

When deploying to heroku, make sure you use the --stack cedar switch, or else it will complain about no javascript runtime:

heroku create my_app --stack cedar


I wanted a simple way to get a backbone.js application up and running quickly, so I made this thing!

Basically, it's the barest-of-bones version with embedded examples that you should overwrite to get started. It has the following stuffs:

app.rb is a Sinatra application that is served from / sets up a rackable Sprockets::Environment instance with assets/javascripts, assets/stylesheets, and assets/templates added to the load path. This endpoint is mounted at /assets.

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