ST2/3 Plugin for quickly moving/renaming files
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Sublime Text 2 Quick File Move

A simple ST2 plugin to help you move or rename your files

If you want more functions, try SideBarEnhancements:

This functionality is available via the shortcut command "side_bar_move" in the SideBarEnhancements plugin.

You can put it in your User Key Bindings file like so: { "keys": ["ctrl+alt+r"], "command": "side_bar_move" }

SideBarEnhancements also supplies you with a lot of other useful things.


Press ctrl+shift+r then enter your new file path or filename!


Add { "keys": ["ctrl+shift+r"], "command": "quick_file_move" } to your user keybindings file and change the keymap to whatever you prefer.


The code is available on GitHub!

Credit goes to for making the first version for ST1.