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NodeJs library for Apache Kafka 0.8 and above
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nodejs library for Apache Kafka 0.8 and above


The main goal of this library is to implement the kafka 0.8 protocol to enable the implementation of consumers and producers in javascript

Environment setup

Docker -

  • If you are running docker within vagrant and want to connect to your broker from outside vagrant, ensure you've enabled port forwarding
    • FORWARD_DOCKER_PORTS='true' vagrant up
  • Start a broker
    • <brokerId> <port> <hostIp>
  • Start a kafka shell
  • From within the shell, create a topic
    • $KAFKA_HOME/bin/ --create --topic node-topic --partitions 2 --zookeeper $ZK_PORT_2181_TCP_ADDR --replication-factor 1
  • For more details and troubleshooting see

Vagrant -


  1. git clone
  2. cd node-kafka-0.8-plus
  3. npm install
  4. node test/LowLevelConsumerTest.js --host=<hostIp> --port=<port> | ./node_modules/.bin/bunyan
  5. node test/ProducerTest.js --host=<hostIp> --port=<port> | ./node_modules/.bin/bunyan


  • error handling
  • configuration
  • support for gzip/snappy
  • high level consumer implementation
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