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This repository contains the website is meant to be updated via pulls from here, with as little changes to the deployed website directly as possible.


  1. We use the gitdir directory structure. That means the website should be deployed to /opt/git/ and the assets to /opt/git/
  2. The website is designed to run on uWSGI behind NGINX. Create symlinks to the .nginx files in /etc/nginx/sites-available and to the .ini files in /etc/uwsgi/apps-available, then create symlinks to those in the respective -enabled directories.
  3. The website also needs a PostgreSQL database named wurstmineberg, as well as a running wurstminebot to keep user data from Discord up to date.
  4. For the Python dependencies, each import is annotated with where you can find the package so ImportErrors can be fixed directly. We also have a which may or may not work, sorry.

General management

Like most of our repositories, this is also connected to our autodeploy setup, so pushed commits should go live on the website very soon. This is currently broken, so changes must be deployed using gitdir deploy wurstmineberg/ && sudo systemctl reload uwsgi.


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