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A running version of the demo application can be found here:
== Installing
+For a Rails 3 application add the following line in your Gemfile, and run <tt>bundle install</tt>:
-The recommended method to enable scoped search in your project is adding the
-scoped_search gem to your environment. Add the following code to your Rails
-configuration in <tt>config/environment.rb</tt>, and run <tt>rake
-gems:install</tt> to install the gem.:
+ gem "scoped_search"
+For Rails 2 Add the following code to your Rails configuration in <tt>config/environment.rb</tt>,
+and run <tt>rake gems:install</tt> to install the gem.: do |config|
config.gem 'scoped_search'
-Alternatively, install scoped search as a Rails plugin (*deprecated*):
- script/plugin install git://
== Usage
Scoped search requires you to define the fields you want to search in:

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