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wxWidgets wrapper for Haskell
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wxWidgets wrapper for Haskell


Builds & compiles

Patches until 2015-12-19 have been merged.

All packages have cabal version

Build & installation

As of 2014-08-11:

  • Prerequisites:

    • install wxWidgets (2.9.3 ... 3.0.2) directly from a source release or use a platform specific installer.
      • if installed from source release configure with ./configure --disable-debug_flag # to avoid debugging popups
  • Development build using cabal-dev inside the wxHaskell directory:

    bin/mk-devel # edit the search path in the file so the generated wxdirect is used

    Then use via the resulting package configuration cabal-dev/packages-7.6.3.conf (or any other compiler version)



  • Install globally via cabal




Note: cabal and cabal-dev builds share the same build directory. Should not be a problem though...

Platform specifics


  • 20130725: homebrew ( does not yet install wxWidgets 2.9.5 (by means of 'brew install wxmac').
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