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v3.0.2.0 - May 30 2015
* Updated the thread.php example to work properly.
* Remove delete on the wxThread garbage collector function, which
should fix most issues on #84.
* Modified wxWindow::GetHandle to return the XWindowID on Gtk which
should really fix #86.
* Enabled wxWindow::GetHandle by casting WXWidget to size_t.
* Enabled wxOutputStream::Write and wxInputStream::Read variations
that take a 'void* buf' as argument which should fix issue #87
* Updated version numbers and added userland version constants:
* Added --with-wxwidgets-version to package.xml so 'pecl install
wxwidgets' can ask for a different version of wxWidgets library to
download and compile.
* Set the default wxWidgets version to download and compile on linux
and mac to 3.0.2. Also added a new configure option
--with-wxwidgets-version to explicitly change the version of
wxWidgets to download, eg: --with-wxwidgets-version=3.0.1
* Forgot to conditionally fetch tsrm on wxAppWrapper.
* Fetch TSRM on wxAppWrapper which probably fixes issue #70
* Unmodified copy of wxImage::GetData to zval which fixes #75.
* Own the data parameter on wxImage SetData to really fix issue #75.
* Custom templates for wxImage GetData and SetData which fix
and close #75.
* Updating location of Mac OS X SDK in docs (chrisnharvey).
* Updating docs for building on Mac OS X (chrisnharvey)
* Updating link to heading
* Updating macosx-version-min to 10.9
* Added sdl, sdl_sound as dependencies on archlinux PKGBUILD.
* Updated config.m4 to require sdl and sdl_sound on linux which
fixes #2.
* Removed some testing printf code.
* Added some wxApp methods.
* Fix to correctly brake search for wx-config when first found in
config.m4 file.
* Added wxPHP shell script in /usr/bin/wxphp.
* Added some wxApp methods.
* Automated Mac OSX detection which should fix #94.
* Simplified and added building steps into
* Removed trace of debugging code.
* Merge child class method overrides that differ into parent methods
which should fix #97.
* Added drag and drop example.
* Disabled pointer deletion for wxDropTarget and child classes
to fix segmentation fault which fixes #98.
v3.0.0.2 - April 05 2014
* Fixed wxInputStream::OnSysRead thanks to johannes from pecl. This
functionality should be enough for loading images from phar files
as described on issue #35.
* Moving mac process transformation code to wxEntry (chrisnharvey).
* Enabled some MacOSX specific wxApp virtual methods as requested by ydk2.
* Modified bool wxApp::OSXIsGUIApplication() to return true by
default if no user space side function is found.
* Improved config.m4 and added initial support for macosx.
* Fixed some segfaults on macosx due to newly introduced wxApp
virtual methods which may be called with an uninitialized phpobj.
* Added curl as another option to download wxWidgets from config.m4.
* Improved wxExecute function.
* Added macosx bundle icon.
* also search for wx-config-3.0 (remicollet)
* Type casted to void* on memcpy calls.
* Added tool to generate Mac OSX bundles of wxphp.
* Fixed mac osx segfault caused by incrementing the refcount on
objects returned by static methods.
* Renamed xml_parser.php to json_generator.php.
* added the way to work with conflicting mode_t declaration needs
some header in wx distro to be patched (weltling)
* Removed template.rc (weltling)
v3.0.0.1 - March 09 2014
* Added missing wxScrolledWindow methods by enabling wxScrolled,
this fixes issue #30 and #32.
* Enabled wxClipBoard::Get() and disabled gargbage collection of
native_object on wxDataObject and its childs as wxClipBoard itself,
which partially fixes issue #34.
* Added verification of object parameter child types to allow method
calls which where failing as described on issue #36. This also
completely fixes issue #34, testing may be needed.
* Updated README_MSW adding changes needed to prevent windows xp
crashes as described on issue #37.
* Enabled wxNonOwnedWindow::SetShape and fixed wxPrintDialog,
wxPageSetupDialog inheritage.
* Removed error messages that appeared when failing to call
wxApp::OnInit and wxApp:OnExit.
* Added proper type casting to wxMouseState.
* Should fix and close #44 by doing proper type casting when calling
wxKeyboarState methods from child classes.
* Binded the missing wxAuiNotebookEvent event constants which closes #45.
* Enabled more wxStyledTextCtrl methods.
* Enabled inheritance of wxStyledTextCtrl from wxTextEntry as
enabled some more methods.
* Some fixes to the reference and interface generator as
simplification of chdir() calls.
* Initial work to support wxInputStream::OnSysRead in order to be
able to load images with the wxImage(wxInputStream) constructor.
* Fixed 2 memory leaks, one related to wxEvtHandler::OnEvent and the
other related to the creation of new objects.
* Fixed memory leak caused by not uninitializing the properties
member of classes like wxPoint when they were destroyed which
closes #48, also modified code generator to only add the properties
code when needed which made the source and library more clean.
v3.0.0.0 - December 16 2013
* Updated debianization scripts.
* Fix for issue #25, returned object properties are now initialized.
* Added netbeans project in tools directory.
* Enabled wxMediaCtrl, wxMediaEvent and wxURI.
* Fixes to
* Bumped wxPHP version to 3.0
* Fixes to make the GUI binding utility work again.
* Updated some parts on the development and support section
* Added SetItem/GetItem to wxDataViewEvent which xixes issue #8
* Blacklisted wxFSW_EVENT_UNMOUNT from the wxFSWFlags.
* Changes to get wxPHP compiling against new wxWidgets 3.0
* Removed duplicated classes.json copy to json dir.
* Fixed bug (typo) in xml_parser.php which caused functions to have no
default arg values.
* Speed optimizations in derivationsOfClass and inherits_from_class.
* Ported wxStatusBar sample from C++
* Merge pull request #18 from tsahlin/master
* Added a fix for functions returning wxFont objects
* Minor addition to .gitignore.
* Merge pull request #16 from tsahlin/master
* Added wxLog* functions
* Merge pull request #15 from tsahlin/master
* Enabled function wxGetNumberFromUser
* Merge pull request #14 from tsahlin/master
* Modified code_generator to include more constants
* Added initialization of a class without constructor on the zend
object creation function.
v2.9.4.1 - December 24 2012
* Initial debianization
* Added template.rc that includes wxWidgets resources for windows build.
* Fixed inno setup script.
* Updated and readme
* Regenerated source code to apply the fix for arguments type checking.
* Fixed function/methods generation code to also check if the argument
type is the same as original and not only a class that inherits from
the original type.
* Disabled wxNativeFontInfo methods: GetPixelSize and SetPixelSize,
since they are undefined symbols when compiling the extension.
* Re-generated the code with warning message disabled for top level
windows and more constants available like wxRAISED_BORDER.
* Added gitignore file.
* Now the code generator does not skip #defines that mirror an enum,
* Commented out 'Remember to always call Destroy()' warning message.
* Updated version information on template file.