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Build cross-platform software with rich native GUIs using the combined power of the PHP language and the wxWidgets library.
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wxPHP stands for "wxwidgets for PHP" and it is a php binding/wrapper for the cross-platform library wxWidgets, which gives you the ability to develop desktop applications using the php programming language. This applications can be executed on windows, linux and macosx using the same code base with a native look and feel.

One of the ideas is that you can use your php web applications code base and logic to create native desktop applications that communicate to them transparently. This way you can give your users a seamless and native experience from the desktop while staying in sync with your web apps.

There are many more use cases, but we invite you to download and try this project by your self. We hope everyone can enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed developing it.


wxFormBuilder is a RAD tool for wxWidgets GUI design. So to make development with wxPHP more easier we added php support to it. For more information visit the project page.

Integration of PHP support wouldn't be possible without the help of RedTide and the rest of wxFormBuilder team, Thanks a lot!


Any problems, please file an issue or visit the forums: project page where development occurs: project page which hosts the binary builds.

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