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merb-action-args [merb-action-args] Fixed typo in error message
merb-assets [merb-assets] Fixed external asset urls when path_prefix is set
merb-auth [merb-auth-more] #redirect_back respects Merb::Config[:path_prefix]
merb-cache [merb-cache] Decompress only once in Merb::Cache::GzipStore#fetch
merb-core [merb-core] Log more classloader behavior in verbose mode
merb-exceptions Changed plugin dependencies to "~> #{Merb::VERSION}"
merb-gen [merb-gen] Create spec task when running merb-gen plugin foo
merb-haml [merb-haml] Removed last definition of #symbolize_keys!
merb-helpers [merb-helpers] Select the correct field in select tags
merb-mailer Changed plugin dependencies to "~> #{Merb::VERSION}"
merb-param-protection Changed plugin dependencies to "~> #{Merb::VERSION}"
merb-slices Changed plugin dependencies to "~> #{Merb::VERSION}"
merb [merb] Removed reference to long gone merb-more gem
merb_datamapper [merb_datamapper] Added missing messages in resource controller gener…
.gitignore added webrat test app bundled gems
CHANGELOG updated changelog
LICENSE populate toplevel LICENSE file with MIT License
README Merb development has moved to
Rakefile Fixed rake uninstall to uninstall everything that got rake install'ed
TODO Leftover files
rake_helpers.rb Modify the rakefiles to be DRY


Merb development has moved to
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