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=== Plugin Name ===
Contributors: wycks
Donate link:
Tags: notes, admin notes, notepad, client notes, notes, help
Requires at least: 3.5
Tested up to: 3.8
Stable tag: 1.4.0

Adds a simple "Notes" section to the admin menu or posts

== Description ==

Like a built in notepad, leave notes for clients or yourself in the WordPress admin.  Attach notes to above or below the editor of a post (or page or custom post type) and also has a default "Notes" section available from the admin menu which you can hide or show.

The style of the notes section has been updated with the changes in WordPress 3.8+

Features :

*  Uses WordPress's built in custom post types
*  Functions with default WYSIWYG editor
*  Uses WordPress's meta fields if set to display on post edit screens
*  Shows "Notes" on one page in tab format (can be excluded)
*  Will not show in front end or search
*  Requires default post privileges

Notes :

*  It is currently only possible to set one note per post or post type and one location (above or below editor)
*  Works with password protection in default section

Please report issues to:  [](

== Installation ==

Use the Auto Installer.
Or Upload the zip and hit install.

== Screenshots ==

1. A screenshot of Notes in the Admin and the Notes menu.
2. Choose to display notes on certain posts by id.

== Changelog ==


- Removed Notes from showing in drag and drop admin menu area
- Updated the UI to make it look like 3.8's admin
- Fixed lists (ul and ol) from not showing
- Fixed bottom padding for long notes


- Fixed bug in notes query

- Fixed bug in meta query for id's


- Removed custom fields form showing in dropdown

- Added checkbox toggle


 - Fixed CSS issues with jQuery UI

 - Added ability to exclude notes from "notes" section

 - Added ability to add notes to post/pages above and below editor , requires id.


- Fixed tab issue due to extra ul


- Fixed Broken ul html tag

== Upgrade Notice ==

None yet