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Repository for making it easier to keep track of changes needed for making this toolkit operational in various foam-extend versions
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LICENSE Initial commit Sep 5, 2015

Fluid-Structure Interaction - Toolkit

Quoting from here:

This toolkit supersedes the icoFsiElasticNonLinULSolidFoam FSI solver within the solidMechanics toolbox.

This framework was presented at the OpenFOAM Workshop 2014 in Zagreb:

The major improvement with regard to FSI coupling is the implementation of the IQN-ILS algorithm. Also, the plugin approach used for the solid and fluid solvers should allow easier extension to other fluid/solid models e.g. multi-phase, compressible, plasticity, etc.

For more details about this toolkit, including how to use and install/build it, check the associated wiki page:

Original Authors

  • solidMechanics toolbox: Philip Cardiff, University College Dublin.

  • FluidStructureInteraction toolkit: Zeljko Tukovic, P. Cardiff, A. Karac, H. Jasak, A. Ivankovic

    • For proper punctuation of the names, please see the "slides" document listed above.

Further modifications

Original source came from the wiki page:

Further modifications made by Bruno Santos (wyldckat@github working at blueCAPE Lda):

  • Gitified the source code.
  • Adjusted the code for building properly with the more recent foam-extend 3.1 and 3.2
  • Improved building organization for taking full advantage of parallel building.

Git branches

Currently there are only three branches:

  • fe30 - This branch will build as-is with foam-extend 3.0
  • fe31 - This branch will build as-is with foam-extend 3.1
  • fe32 - This branch will build as-is with foam-extend 3.2

Quick usage instructions:

  1. Clone the repository:
git clone
  1. Checkout the right branch, e.g. for fe30:
cd FluidStructureInteraction
git checkout fe30
  1. Now build:
cd src


The same as foam-extend, namely GNU GPL v3. For more information, see the file LICENSE or COPYING, depending on the branch on this repository.

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