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moeSS is a front end for

Thanks to ss-panel



  • 中文安装说明
  • Wiki
  • Import shadowsocks.sql to your database. May delete your existing data!
  • Rename config-sample.php and database-sample.php in application/config/, then change the settings.
  • Use admin/admin12345 to login the admin dashboard, and change settings in
  • To prevent spam register, users need to click a link to activate the account. So you need to set a method to send e-mail. Currently support php mail(), sendmail, SMTP and SendGrid Web API. (Send test E-mail function will be added soon)
Method option_value
php mail() mail
sendmail sendmail
SMTP smtp
SendGrid sendgrid

Only change this is not enough. You also need to change other values need by the method you choose.

  • Invite only is default on. You need to generate invite code before anyone can registe.
  • Because I don't use any encrypt function when post the data, you are suggesting to secure your site by using SSL certs.
  • Many notices and sentences are written directly in the view files, so you need to edit the file to change them. They may moved to database in the future.


If database structure has been changed after update, I will upload a sql file in update folder. Just use that sql file to update database structures.


The license under which the moeSS is released is the GPLv3 (or later) from the Free Software Foundation. A copy of the license is included with every copy of moeSS, but you can also read the text of the license here. In addition, I request anyone who uses this software do not change the CopyRight information.


  • This system is using CodeIgniter 3.0 to build, so you need PHP 5.4 or newer, MySQL (5.1+), curl to run.
  • Apache is the best one because it support .htaccess file, which is needed to rewrite the request uri to index.php.