Make an RSS Podcast out of NPR Morning Edition or any other program
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Why NPRme

I created this for personal use, for those times when I would love to listen to NPR Morning Edition in my car when I am out of data or radio range. It happens a lot, living in the High Desert of California and all.

How to Use

  1. Download nprme and settings files from above and place them in an empty directory on your web server.
  2. Change the server variable in the settings file to the HTTP URL of the folder where the script lives.
  3. Add nprme to your cron tasks or run manually as necessary.
  4. Make sure that the user running the script has write privileges to the directory housing the scrip.

Optional Setup:

  • Change the nprurl variable in settings to another program, like All Things Considered, to download that program.
  • Add logo.jpg file to the same directory with dimensions 300x300px and it will appear as the thumbnail for the podcast.

Legal Stuff

NPR permits you to download MP3s for personal use. This software downloads the MP3s to your computer, and than transfers them to your Podcast playing device, which isn't much different from you doing the same work manually. So this should not be a violation of their terms of service or fair use rules. However, do NOT distribute the link to the feed or rebroadcast the programs without NPRs permission. All NPR programs are Copyrighted by NPR.

NPRme is released under the MIT License.