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Smartcard Driver Fuzzing Tools

This is a collection of several tools that help in fuzzing smartcard drivers for *nix and windows. As usual for such stuff, it is quite hackish in some parts and more tested in others :-) If you have questions or need help, email or read our blogpost at:

What is in here?


A patch to OpenSC (654ca69c47f98dd6a82b4adc0bb6bb8ead887163) which adds another reader driver, that retrieves the APDU responses from an external file. This file can be fed with AFL for efficient fuzzing.


A Linux library you can preload in order to fuzz smartcard applications, which use winscard instead of OpenSC.


A windows library and testcase. The library can be preloaded in front of your windows smartcard driver. The testcase tries to interact with the driver. Only rudimentary.


A monkey-patched version of tavisos loadlibrary, which allows to load certain winscard drivers on linux in order to fuzz them.

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