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Simple Open File Dialog [for X11 without toolkit]
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libSOFD - Simple Open File Dialog [for X11 without toolkit]

SOFD is a rather simple dialog window to allow a user to choose a file.

It is intended to be used in cross-platform toolkit-less programs (such as audio plugins) to provide a file dialog for X11/unix systems, where other platforms have a similar dialog from the operating system.

SOFD features:

  • single file selection
  • keyboard navigation and selection
  • "Places" list
  • "Recently used" list and API
  • plain X11 - no X extensions, no external libs, no toolkits, just 30 years too late :)


While the dialog itself is specific to the X11 Window System, the "recently used" implementation is not and can be integrated into the application.

An example is built into the source itself. The API is documented in the header file.

  gcc -Wall -D SOFD_TEST -g -o sofd libsofd.c -lX11

For a complete implementation see the source of

libSOFD is licensed in terms of the MIT/Expat license like X11 itself.

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