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The end of user scripts on chrome
1 year left after chrome 88
Remotely hosted code is no longer allowed;
an extension can only execute JavaScript that is included within its package.


some scripts I made
click link to install

script install
ehx direct download raw
ehx link color raw
ehx torrent text raw
dlsite title reformat raw
mangaoh title reformat raw
pornhub user video raw
youtube url normalizer raw
prts redirector raw auto click raw
google drive auto click raw
reddit img relink raw
anti-bili-anti-copy raw
fc2 show all products raw
nexusmods skip countdown raw
avgle m3u8 extractor raw
newgrounds tool raw
AutoEQ to EasyQ converter raw

[ehx direct download]

only work in Thumbnail mode

click button to enable (pervent too many requests)


  • Memory downloaded / marked galleries

    • (when click Archive Download or use mark/unmark gallery under gallery)
    • change downloaded / marked gallery color to black (quick identify in list)
  • Enable Archive Download / Sorting / Show torrents Title / Fix Event in Ttile

    • add button under gallery:
      • archive download
      • copy title (auto replace forbidden characters <>:"/|?*\ to full-width)
      • mark/unmark gallery
      • show gallery's torrent list in pure text
    • sorting gallery
      • example: (aaaaaaaa) [bbbbbbbb] cccccccc (dddddddd)
      • Title (ignore Prefix/Group/End) => cccccccc
      • Title (ignore Prefix/Group) => cccccccc (dddddddd)
      • Title (ignore Prefix) => [bbbbbbbb] cccccccc (dddddddd)
      • Title => (aaaaaaaa) [bbbbbbbb] cccccccc (dddddddd)
      • Event => (aaaaaaaa)
    • fix/unfix event in title (auto enable by default)
      • search event prefix in torrent / same title gallery and add to title
      • if no 100% match found, try similarity search (disabled by default)
        • threshold (edit code if you have issue)
          let sim_search_threshold = 0.6
      • priority: title_jpn > title_en > torrent > same title gallery
      • highlight prefix (github doesn't support color in 2020...okay...)
        • from torrents ( green)
        • from other gallery ( blueviolet)
      • some prefix will be ignore: (already categorized)
    • options
      • sort order (descending by default)
      • auto copy title when download (enabled by default)
      • auto show pure text (enabled by default)
      • auto fix event in title (enabled by default)
    • sort options
      • Numeric Whether numeric collation should be used, such that "1" < "2" < "10"
      • Ignore Punctuation
  • Show Pure Text

    • add pure text title under gallery (full title)
  • Jump To Nearest Downloaded (if any)

  • other

    • make all gallery link open in new tab (pervent click on accident)
    • make all gallery show entire title


  • v1.12

    • separate jp/en sorting
  • v1.11

    • improve sort speed
    • fix tag system
      • sort by group/circle/artist
      • exclude by tag
  • v1.08

    • fix addToDownloadedList use wrong limit
  • v1.07

    • set default downloaded/marked gallery list size limit to 0 (no limit)
    let gallery_data_max_size = 0; // kb, 0 = no limit
  • v1.05

    • at gallery page, add a link to goto e-h/ex
  • v1.04

    • fix event title now show the real source
      • same title gallery A B C D, only A have event, B get event from A
        • old
          C get event from B and record it is from B
          D get event from C and record it is from C
        • new
          C get event from B and record it is from A
          D get event from C and record it is from A
  • v1.02

    • fix a bug in title pre-process
      example: (aaa) [bbb] ccc[ddd]eee (fff)  
      old: ccceee  
      now: cccdddeee  
    • change some code
  • v1.01

    • fix script not work in eh (css not found)
    • quick check prefix source
      • display which gallery the prefix is from under the gallery
      • move mouse on top will show the image
  • v0.99

    • fix some issue in show torrent list
      • decode HTML text (like &#039;)
      • separate each line
    • disable similarity search by default
      pre-processed title is good enough, and it seems that no match can pass the final test anyway
      in some cases, even humans are confused
      //after pre-process they all will be "title" and match
      "[group] title (anime series)"
      "[group] title (different anime series)"
      "[group] title [uploader description]"
      "[group] title (uploader description)"
      "(some uploader description) title"
      //if not pre-process, these won't match
      "[group] title"
      "[group] title [uploader description]"
      "[group] title (anime series)"
      maybe add similarity search result under gallery like torrent list for quick check in the future
  • v0.97

    • add mask test at end so that oooAAooo != oooBBooo even have high similarity
  • v0.96

    • pre-process titles for compare instead of before every compare
  • v0.95

    • improve similarity compare
      • before compare:
        • convert fullwidth to halfwidth
        • convert to lower case
        • remove all punctuation
  • v0.94

    • improve prefix search
      • reduce unnecessary data extract
      • reduce unnecessary similarity compare(very slow)
      • fix some bug in similarity search
    • try prevent script's input element submit data
  • v0.91

    • improve prefix search
      • try to compare every number in title, abort if not the same
  • v0.88

    • improve prefix search
      • if no 100% match found, use similarity search and use highest one
  • v0.86

    • fixed buttons position, now they all line up
  • v0.85

    • new feature exclude gallery (opacity = 0.1) by tag
    • add/remove tag from exclude list under gallery (after enable Show Exclude List)
    • tag that already in the list will be red
  • v0.84

    • add options for sorting
  • v0.83

    • better event search (search in same en or same jpn title)
  • v0.81

    • auto replace forbidden characters <>:"/|?*\ to full-width when copy title
  • v0.79

  • v0.78

    • option for auto enable Show Pure Text
  • v0.76

    • add option for auto enable Fix/Unfix Event in Title
    • now script save option settings
  • v0.75

    • add option: auto copy title when click Archive Download
  • v0.74

    • show full title
    • auto enable Fix/Unfix Event in Title (optional v0.76)
    • add sort by JP(Recommended) & EN title (sort still have some bug...)
  • v0.72

    • use jpn prefix first
    • priority: title_jpn > title_en > torrent > same title gallery
    • add copy title button
  • v0.71

    • new feature Fix/Unfix Event in Title
    • more sort option
    • improve speed (send next request when current one complete)
  • v0.65

    • natural sort
  • v0.63

    • improve sorting (now sorting is based on previous sort result)
  • v0.61

    • new feature mark/unmark gallery
    • rearrange code
  • v0.55

    • new feature Jump To Nearest Downloaded (if any)
    • mark downloaded gallery color in black
    • disable send request to server when click archive download
  • v0.53

    • add more sort option
  • v0.51

    • after enable archive download you can sort gallery (current page)
    • show gallery's torrent title list in pure text
    • make all gallery link open in new tab (pervent click on accident)
    • check every few seconds that is gallery (current page) downloaded or not and change button status
  • v0.43

    • now it will update the list when you click archive download in gallery page
      add new features when click archive download in list view:
      1. send a request to server as you visited the gallery (not sure if this count)
      2. add gallery link to history (HTML5 API) trigger visited css style
  • v0.35

    • list limit up to 10000
  • v0.32

    • switch from cookie to Tampermonkey API storage
    • if you use any [v0.30] or [v0.31] or you got [400 Bad request]
      use cookie editor like EditThisCookie to remove all "exhddl_list"
  • v0.30

    • now script save recent downloaded gallerys in a list and set button as downloaded if it in the list
    • if reach the limit, it will delete the oldest data until lower the limit

[ehx link color]

change visited & unvisited link color
if you don't like default color, change it to any valid CSS color you want

// unvisited link color
let enable_link = true;
let ex = "DeepPink";
let eh = "DeepPink";
// visited link color
let enable_visited = true;
let ex_v = "gray";
let eh_v = "gray";

because of the security risk, visited link color many not work in some browser

v0.27 fix visited link color (work on chrome)

[ehx torrent text]

click to copy torrent name in torrent page
event is from first parentheses in the name, may not correct
auto close window after copy
if you don't want it close, set this value to false

let autoclose = true;

[dlsite title reformat]


  • remove title link
  • remove excess text
  • custom title format
  • auto convert forbidden characters <>:"/|?*\ to fullwidth
  • add copy button for data
  • add button to sort search result by ID
  • extract track list (experimental)
    • official list (example: RJ298079)
    • search offset line
    • remove time info
    • remove excess white space
    • sort (only if list is out of order and have 2nd index in title)
    • example: RJ237403
      1.track3 cccc
      2.track1 aaaa
      3.track2 bbbb
      convert to
      1.1 aaaa
      2.2 bbbb
      3.3 cccc

click button to copy

  • v0.75

    • sort by type & favorites count at
    • add sort by type button at search result / circle
  • v0.73

    • prevent duplicate track list
  • v0.72

    • improve track extract (add new extrator)
  • v0.71

    • if title is empty after process, return to original title
    • remove incomplete bracket "(no_end" => "no_end", "no_start)" => "no_start"
    • improve excess removal of track title
  • v0.68

    • add button to sort item by id
  • v0.67

    • fix switch link [R18(HENTAI), R18(BL/TL), All-ages] on top right
      make it stay at same product/circle page
  • v0.66

    • in list/grid/search view, replace all cover to full size and add a button to download
  • v0.65

    • add support for dlsite girl part*
    • fix circle text is not formatted
  • v0.63

    • fix a bug in title process
      example: ccc[ddd]eee (fff)  
      old: ccceee  
      now: cccdddeee  
  • v0.62

    • improved track list extract
    • list now use natural sort
  • v0.61

    • now script will try to extract track list form entire page
      Less accurate.
      Can't get the track that has no number.
  • v0.58

    • improved excess string removal
    • fix track list position
  • v0.56

    • add more settings
    • script now trigger faster (don't have to wait for the page to fully load)
  • v0.53

    • add support to search result / circle page
    • this doesn't support custom title because data is incomplete
    • also grid view is too tight to put more buttons
  • v0.51

    • add copy button for each data
  • v0.48

    • fix some issue in getData
  • v0.45

    • rearrange buttons (use less space)
    • now old buttons only appear when:
      original != custom
      default_format != original & default_format != custom
  • v0.38

    • now title can be custom to any format you want

[mangaoh title reformat]

reformat date & title in search result
click button to copy

  • v0.12
    • fix broken scrollbar cause by checkout-js error

[reddit img relink]

only work for New UI
show images direct link under title (only resized images)

[pornhub user video]

  • replace user link to user video list, except comment
    it will try to go to user/videos/public first
    if it doesn't exist, auto redirect to user/videos

  • video page

    • add a button to copy link of current page
  • user video list

    • add checkbox for each video and a textbox on top to select and copy links
    • make upload time visable
    • effect
  • v0.07

    • mark related/recommended video if uploader is the same as current video
  • v0.06

    • improve auto redirect
  • v0.04

    • delay trigger when in background
    • replace user link now support other pages


remove bilibili article copy protection

[youtube url normalizer]

normalize url in video description
remove miniplayer (still activated when you watch in playlist)

[prts redirector]

Arknights Wiki PRTS
auto redirect & replace all link to desktop version

[ auto click]

auto click and redirect to download link immediately

[google drive auto click]

auto skip & click download

[fc2 show all products]

only work at link like this:*/articles?sort=date&order=desc

  • show full list of products in 1 page and sort by id
  • show id
  • show full title
  • remove link in title (click image to product page)
  • remove some heavy element
  • make product link open in new tab


  • v0.2
    • fix some issue
    • improve speed

[nexusmods skip countdown] after click MANUAL and selected file (some mod have mutiple files)

  • no countdown
  • auto start download

[avgle m3u8 extractor]

  • extract m3u8 after click close
  • when it done, click button to download
  • use video title as filename

the m3u8/url will expire over time


let discard_first_seg = false; //discard the first segment  
let url_only = false; //only the video url as .txt instead of .m3u8 (for youtube-dl/uget/wget...etc)  

use m3u8 to download and merge in to single file use streamlink

streamlink --http-header Referer= file://"C:/example.m3u8" best -o example.ts  


ffmpeg -i example.ts -c copy example.mp4  

streamlink loacal file path use / even in windows
also you might not want use *.ts (google: windows 10 ts file freeze)
cus windows werid behavior like scan for thumbnail can make system freeze/hanging
change it to like ._ts_ .tmp so windows does't recognize it, but ffmpeg still can handle it correctly


[newgrounds tool]

  • auto select best resolution
  • extract video link & download (right click)

[AutoEQ to EasyQ converter]

AutoEqSearch your headphone
Require VST adapter (for foobar2000)

disable other EQ DSP or VST adapter may crash foobar

Components > VST plug-ins > load EasyQ dll file
DSP > EasyQ > load xml file

Quick switch different EQ

close EasyQ window after load eq
type under DSP chain presets for preset name and click save

View > Layout > Enable layout editing mode
right click on toolbar > add DSP switcher
to disable editing mode
View > Layout > Enable layout editing mode


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