Setup guide to get started with Komodo mining
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To mine Komodo with GPU, you will need 3 things:

  1. Komodod
  2. kmd-nomp
  3. zcash miner of your choice

Please note, komodod and kmd-nomp are required because there are currently no KMD mining pools. We will basically be setting up a local mining pool, as it is required for GPU mining support

A guide detailing installation of Komodod and KMD-nomp can be found here:

Installation is for Ubuntu 14.04 +

Once Komodod and KMD-Nomp are running, you now have a stratum pool to point your GPU miners.

Assuming that your GPU's are on the same computer as Komodod and KMD-Nomp, then you will need a Linux zcash miner.

Optiminer (linux miner) github is located here:

Setup guide is available on their github:

Please note, if you install Komodod and KMD-Nomp on another computer/server, you can mine with GPU's on windows as well.

This will just requiring pointing your windows miners to and KMD-Nomp) vs locally with (

Thanks to Metaphilibert and fhavik for their help with this project