FreeSWITCH G.729 module using the opensource bcg729 implementation by Belledonne Communications
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FreeSWITCH G.729A module using the opensource bcg729 implementation by Belledonne Communications.

Simple G.729A codec for FreeSWITCH using the Belledonne Communications G.729A GPLv2 implementation. Please see for further informations.

The module is a modified version of fsg729 ( ) which uses the Intel IPP libraries, updated to use a different codec implementation and get rid of Intel stuff.

As of Jan 1 2017, G.729 is a royalty free codec:

You can get a faster and supported G.729A codec by purchasing licenses directly from FreeSWITCH guys . This will have the side effect to support the FreeSWITCH project ;)


You need to have git on your build machine and internet access, since the Makefile will try to checkout bcg729 sources and build them.

Edit Makefile and edit FS_INCLUDES, FS_MODULES vars to point where your FreeSWITCH includes are and where you want to install the module.

After, just type make and, if build completes without errors, make install .

Edit autoload_configs/modules.conf.xml , comment out mod_g729 and add mod_bcg729 . Now restart your FreeSWITCH and you're done.