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Xamarin Components for Facebook

Xamarin creates and maintains Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS bindings for Facebook SDKs.


Before building you will need to have CocoaPods installed on your OS X system.

The build script for this project uses Cake. To run the build, you can use the bootstrapper file for OS X:


cd Facebook.iOS/[ComponentName]
sh ../../ --target=libs

The bootstrapper script will automatically download Cake.exe and all the required tools and files into the ./tools/ folder.

The following targets can be specified:

  • libs builds the class library bindings (depends on externals)
  • externals downloads and builds the external dependencies
  • samples builds all of the samples (depends on libs)
  • nuget builds the nuget packages (depends on libs)
  • clean cleans up everything

Working in Xamarin Studio

Before the .sln files will compile in Xamarin Studio, the external dependencies need to be downloaded. This can be done by running the or build.ps1 with the target externals. After the externals are setup, the .sln files should compile in an IDE.


The license for this repository is specified in

External-Dependency-Info and THIRD-PARTY-NOTICE Files

Files named External-Dependency-Info within this repository exist to provide content to the THIRD-PARTY-NOTICES file of the Xamarin Component and NuGet binary packages. Information within the External-Dependency-Info files describe potential dependencies bundled with packages as a result of building projects within this repo.

Contribution Guidelines

You will need to complete a Contribution License Agreement before your pull request can be accepted. You can complete the CLA by going through the steps at

.NET Foundation

This project is part of the .NET Foundation

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