Extensions, MVVM classes, behaviors and other misc. useful code bits from Xamarin University
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Xamarin University Infrastructure Library

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This is a set of useful classes for Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms development which are used in a varity of labs in Xamarin University.

You can use it in source form by cloning this repository (or just grabbing the pieces you want to use), or as a binary through two NuGet packages: Core and Infrastructure which also adds Core.

The library includes examples of behaviors, MVVM, custom controls, binding value converters, type extensions, XAML markup extensions and helpful collections for data binding.

Add the NuGet packages to your project

To add the library to your project as an updatable binary, you can use NuGet with the following package:

PM > Install-Package XamarinUniversity.Infrastructure

This will also add the Core library which provides the bare minimum for MVVM development - with no Xamarin.Forms dependencies. You can add this library on it's own if you prefer - this is useful if you segregate your ViewModels out to a separate assembly and don't want to take a dependency on Xamarin.Forms:

PM > Install-Package XamarinUniversity.Core

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