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XCP xen-api libs
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Merge pull request #165 from simonjbeaumont/ca-141364

CA-141364: Remove redundant (and erroneous bindings)
latest commit d603ee2b84
@johnelse johnelse authored
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camldm Rationalise destdir
cdrom Rationalise destdir
close-and-exec Use unbuffered I/O to read from /dev/(u)random
cpuid CP-3989/CP-3940: Add CPUID masking support for Intel Haswell DT and I…
doc Xen 4.1: Add configure-time option to use system installed Xen librar…
forking_executioner Use unbuffered I/O to read from /dev/(u)random
http-svr CA-89974: Live migrate fails on IPv6-preferring hosts
log Debug: allow disabling specific log levels
mk Update to the new macro name after discussion with Peter
nbd Remove nbd_test binary accidentally committed in c/d a751c38
netdev Rationalise destdir
oclock [oclock] install to destdir, so the package is included in the RPM
pciutil Rationalise destdir
rss Rationalise destdir
stdext CA-89974: Live migrate fails on IPv6-preferring hosts
stunnel CA-105004: Enable SO_KEEPALIVE for stunnel client
udev Rationalise destdir
uuid Use unbuffered I/O to read from /dev/(u)random
vhd Rationalise destdir
xen-utils Rationalise destdir
xenctrlext CA-141364: Remove redundant (and erroneous bindings)
xenstoreext CA-83837: add 'Watch.has_fired: t -> bool'
xml-light2 Rationalise destdir
.hgignore Move Xen_cmdline module from xen-api.hg to xen-api-lib.hg
CREDITS Add Prashanth to the CREDITS file on request. Prashanth contributed t…
LICENSE Initial import of c/s 25…
aclocal.m4 Add functions to get UUIDs of different qualities. Add VERSION file, and read version number from it Comment out debian tagging line; let gbp-dch do that
rebuild fix rebuild script Merge commit 'b37d7e4f5ac909afcb6536b735db9fde394bae52'


Xen API Libs is a set of libraries and utilities in OCaml 3.12 that are used by xapi. The libraries are a component of the Xen Cloud Platform (XCP) project.

Xen Cloud Platform (XCP) is an open source enterprise-ready server virtualization and cloud computing platform. XCP builds on the Xen Hypervisor; and provides network and storage support, and management tools in a single, tested installable image.

XCP runs many guest operating systems, including Linux and Microsoft Windows.


You can usually find the developers hanging out in #xen-api on freenode.

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