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Story is a beautiful Hugo theme for showcasing your writing and presentations. There's a robust demo site where you can see its many features in action, and learn more about how to use them. You can also see Story in use on a real site by Baron Schwartz.

Story screenshot

Story is targeted to technical writers and speakers: people such as software engineers and open source developers, who want a website for their technical work, such as blogging about software engineering. It's a great way to share your writing and speaking with the world.

It has a lot of features for people who invest effort in their websites and blogs!

  • Beautiful, responsive typography for long-form content on screen and in print, including blogs, essays, and single pages.
  • Support for RemarkJS slides.
  • LaTeX math typesetting with KaTeX
  • A built-in search page with LunrJS.
  • Music notation typesetting with abcjs.
  • Easy-to-use, backwards-compatible Markdown enhancements such as ways to control image behavior (size, float, etc) with CSS.

This is just a fraction of Story's feature set, see the demo site for much more documentation and screenshots.


Beautiful responsive Hugo blog theme focused on simplicity and elegance, with many extra features including presentations, math typesetting, music notation, and search.




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