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What goBrowser

goBrowser is a simple web application for list, download or share yours files.

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File browser

Share Listing

How to install

Install go

$ apt-get install go

Git clone and compile

cd /opt
git clone
cd gobrowser
go build app.go


Run with default option : ./app


  • config="": a string, choose a configfile
  • forcessl=false: a bool, force https for share link
  • forceurl="": a string, force domain for share link
  • hiddenfile=false: a bool, enable hidden files
  • listen="": a string, choose listen port and bind address
  • path="/home": a string, choose root path for gobrowser
  • webroot="": a string, choose webroot (ex : /files for access with http://mydomain/files)

Example :

./app -hiddenfile -listen -path /home/user -webroot /files


app.conf.exemple is a example of configfile, run with :

./app -config app.conf

Init script

I create an init script for systemd. Copy it in /lib/systemd/system/gobrowser.service