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Convert GnuCash files to a format supported by the ledger command line application

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= gnucash2ledger

A command-line script that converts GnuCash v2.2.9 data files to human readable ledger format. Ledger v2 did this natively, but it has been removed from the v3 branch with the intention of replacing it with a script just like this one. This project is bridging the gap until such a script exists.

== Quickstart

  gem install gnucash2ledger
  cat your/gnucash/datafile | gunzip | gnucash2ledger > new-ledger.dat
  ledger -f new-ledger.dat bal

== Developing

You'll need git and bundler. You probably already have them eh.

  git clone git://
  cd gnucash2ledger
  bundle install
  bundle exec rake

== Status

Works for me on my Snow Leopard mac.

* Normal transactions
* Reconciled transactions (if any split in gnucash is marked as reconciled, the entry in ledger is marked as cleared)
* Commodities (only the initial price is used, doesn't convert price history yet)

== References
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