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[] youtube dep is now optional (version 2.0.2)

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1 parent ef79fe7 commit 7e91ec76c8082bc04d73a82f99285fedc865e944 @mkortstiege mkortstiege committed Jan 15, 2012
@@ -1,14 +1,14 @@
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<addon id=""
name="The MovieDB"
- version="2.0.1"
+ version="2.0.2"
provider-name="Team XBMC">
<import addon="xbmc.metadata" version="1.0"/>
<import addon="" version="2.0.0"/>
<import addon="" version="1.0.6"/>
<import addon="" version="2.1.3"/>
- <import addon="" version="2.1.0"/>
+ <import addon="" version="2.1.0" optional="true"/>
<extension point="xbmc.metadata.scraper.movies"
@@ -1,3 +1,6 @@
+- changed: made the youtube addon (trailers) an optional dependency
- fixed: imdb url nfo not resolving tmdb id
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
<setting label="30005" type="bool" id="keeporiginaltitle" default="false"/>
<setting label="30000" type="bool" id="fanart" default="true"/>
- <setting label="30004" type="bool" id="trailer" default="true"/>
+ <setting label="30004" type="bool" id="trailer" default="true" enable="System.HasAddon("/>
<setting label="30001" type="labelenum" values="No|480p|720p|1080p" id="TrailerQ" default="No"/>
<setting label="30002" type="labelenum" values="da|fi|nl|de|it|es|fr|pl|hu|el|tr|ru|he|ja|pt|zh|cs|sl|hr|ko|en|sv|no" id="language" default="en"/>
<setting label="30003" type="bool" id="imdbrating" default="false"/>

6 comments on commit 7e91ec7


Nice addition :)
Was already wondering how that optional would work.
Wouldn't it also be better to also disable/hide id="TrailerQ" when id="trailer" is disabled or am I reading it wrong?
Also English string could better be made: 'Preferred Trailer Quality from'


The stuff is handled differently but yea, we should most likely change the wording. Not sure if it's going to happen now as it would require all translators to come up with a new one.


Understandable. Although is just a different word phrasing which wouldn't harm if not translated and maybe has to be made sooner than later in case translations will be update.

queeup commented on 7e91ec7 Jan 15, 2012

is it already added this to *.xsd files? Or let me ask like that is there any xsd file for settings.xml?


thx for reminding ... wanted to look through the wiki where i have to add those


@MartijnKaijser: Mind sending a pull for the wording? I'd like to have some input from the others on this.

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