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No HW acceleration for aml8726-m1 #4359

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I've built XBMC from git rev. 28f60ed for ZTE C91 android 4.0 (aml8726-m1 chipset).
In tools/depends/target/xbmc/Makefile I have following config:
"# configuration settings
CONFIGURE = cp -f $(CONFIG_SUB) $(CONFIG_GUESS) build-aux/ ;\
./configure --prefix=$(PREFIX) --enable-codec=libstagefright,amcodec --enable-player=amlplayer

ifeq ($(OS),android)
CONFIGURE += --enable-codec=libstagefright,amcodec --enable-player=amlplayer
In /tools/depends/target/libamplayer/Makefile:

cd $(PLATFORM); patch -p1 < ../android-4.0-to-4.1.patch

cd $(PLATFORM); patch -p1 < ../android-4.1-to-4.2.patch"

(commented out patch lines because my target is android 4.0)

I even created advancedsettings.xml in /.xbmc/userdata as it is suggested here:

And still I can't get smooth video decoding through XBMC's HW acceleration (in log I see that AMCODEC is installed (AMCodec:yes)).

Would you please be so kind to resolve this situation. Thank you in advance.


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