Drop thumb type from (most) movies, shows, seasons + sets + fixes #1694

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jmarshallnz commented Oct 29, 2012

The main thing that this PR handles is dropping the "thumb" art type from movies, shows, seasons and sets. Essentially we demand a poster for movies and sets, and a banner or poster for shows and seasons.

It works as follows:

  1. Local art, if known (poster.jpg etc.) we assign directly.
  2. Local art, if unknown (thumb.jpg, *.tbn etc.) we cache, and based on the aspect ratio determine poster or banner status and assign accordingly. If in-between, we cache using thumb normally.
  3. Online art, we assign directly if the aspect attribute is specified.
  4. Online art, we assign to the preferred type (poster for movie, banner for shows) if no aspect attribute is specified.

There's update code in place to move all the existing thumbs to poster/banner (both Eden + pre-Frodo).

Finally, thumb is always available as a fallback for skinners (it falls "forward" to poster then banner if a thumb type isn't there).

In addition, this moves to support banner and poster (and fanart) for seasons.

Finally, we have a bunch of fixes for the "Season Thumb" and "Movie set thumb/fanart" context menu items, which have been replaced with a "Choose art" item, which throws up the Choose Art dialog.

Jonathan Marshall added some commits Oct 28, 2012

Jonathan Marshall
change GetCachedImage to return CTextureDetails, fixes local art not …
…being checked periodically, as the hash from the database was never returned.
Jonathan Marshall
when finding video art where we don't want a generic 'thumb', use the…
… size of local art to classify 'thumb' into the correct types (poster/banner)
Jonathan Marshall
move tvshowthumb and seasonthumb ListItem.Art to tvshow.thumb and sea…
…son.thumb, making tvshow.poster/banner and season.poster/banner also available. Container.TVShowThumb/SeasonThumb are still available for backward compatibility

ghost pushed a commit that referenced this pull request Oct 31, 2012

Arne Morten Kvarving
Merge pull request #1694 from jmarshallnz/sore_thumbs
Drop thumb type from (most) movies, shows, seasons + sets + fixes

@ghost ghost merged commit 1821096 into xbmc:master Oct 31, 2012

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