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Added BuiltInSequence() Builtin #2270

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Handy function for bit more complex skinning stuff.

  • when using $INFO[Skin.String(...)] or $VAR[] for < onclick > in skins (could make use of it in Nox)
  • 2+ executes with one AlarmClock
  • Keymaps (?)



I can see the usefulness, but it seems a bit fugly. I can't really think of a better way to do it though without some sort of "end of function/expression" character (e.g. semicolon).


even nicer would be if we could define some builtin sequences with xml.
so same structure like < variable > nodes except that every value gets evaluated, not only till the first hit.
that way we could even use conditions. implementing that is beyond my coding capabilities though, i still have much to learn..


Well, I guess with multiple bar (do we support this?) you'd have it anyway, right? It's mainly for those cases where you want a single string to represent multiple actions. Semi-colon separated would be a bit nicer I think, but may be trickier to implement as you'd need to split things up first (taking into account quotes).


what do you mean with multiple var?
atm we can call a var from inside another var var if you mean that (< value >$VAR[xyz]</ value > )
what i mean is (and would would be more powerful) is something like this

< action name="ExampleAction" >
< builtin condition="Control.HasFocus(xxx)" >SetProperty(bla,bla)< /builtin >
< builtin condition="Control.HasFocus(yyy)" >SetProperty(bla,bla2)< /builtin >
< builtin >ActivateWindow(....)< /builtin >
< /action >

with difference to vars that every builtin gets evaluated, even when the first one is true for example.

and then < onclick >Action(ExampleAction)< /onclick >

would have to be seperate from vars since multiple hits can only work for builtins, not for info labels.
as i said i think i won´t get that done in a way that you´d accept the pull request, just an idea i was havin :)

concerning the PR: if wanted I can try to adjust it to your wishes. busy with some other stuff atm so it will have to wait a bit then.
is there any advantage when using semicolon as a seperator?
we don´t use that anywhere else in skin xmls. escaping should work correctly i think when using commas since commas are only used inside brackets (parser respects that afaik)


i'm closing this for now until you will have time to work on this PR.
Create a new one when time comes

@phil65 phil65 deleted the phil65:ActionSequence branch
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Commits on Feb 20, 2013
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Showing with 7 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +7 −0 xbmc/interfaces/Builtins.cpp
7 xbmc/interfaces/Builtins.cpp
@@ -144,6 +144,7 @@ const BUILT_IN commands[] = {
{ "AlarmClock", true, "Prompt for a length of time and start an alarm clock" },
{ "CancelAlarm", true, "Cancels an alarm" },
{ "Action", true, "Executes an action for the active window (same as in keymap)" },
+ { "BuiltInSequence", true, "Executes a Sequence Of BuiltIns" },
{ "Notification", true, "Shows a notification on screen, specify header, then message, and optionally time in milliseconds and a icon." },
{ "PlayDVD", false, "Plays the inserted CD or DVD media from the DVD-ROM Drive!" },
{ "RipCD", false, "Rip the currently inserted audio CD"},
@@ -988,6 +989,12 @@ int CBuiltins::Execute(const CStdString& execString)
return false;
g_alarmClock.Start(params[0], seconds, params[1], silent, loop);
+ //Execute BuiltIn Sequence by looping through parameters, recursive
+ else if (execute.Equals("builtinsequence"))
+ {
+ for (unsigned int i = 0; i < params.size() ; i++)
+ CBuiltins::Execute(params[i]);
+ }
else if (execute.Equals("notification"))
if (params.size() < 2)
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