Add Bluetooth settings GUI #369

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llyzs commented Aug 21, 2011

Rebased using newer codebase.


elupus commented Aug 22, 2011

You could have pushed forced to the old pull request.


da-anda commented Apr 13, 2012

any plans on merging this in the next commit window?


elupus commented Apr 13, 2012

Yes please.. I'd love to be able to use my bluetooth headset with xbmc.

please merge this request

elupus was assigned May 6, 2012


elupus commented May 6, 2012

Probably won't make it for may window, but i'll try to look at this. Initial glance is very good.


ronie commented May 11, 2012

i hope we can get some discussion upfront whether we really want/need to add another window to the skin for this.

since it's not unlikely we're going to add wifi / network setup one day as well (which requires 2 new dialogs as well),
maybe it's worth to create a generic gui window that can be (re)used by all of those.

@jmarshallnz since you're the knowledgeable one in this area: thoughts?


elupus commented May 13, 2012

Just for an update. I'm working on the windows side of this pull request. Will rebase original commit and append the stuff needed for windows later. (Windows api on this is weirdly poorly documented)


elupus commented May 18, 2012

My WIP branch is here: works somewhat for both windows and linux. I've split this pull request into seprate commits + done some fixes on the linux side of this.

The API on windows for this is just as horrid as the API on linux and a bit different. How the interface works agains xbmc probably need some rework. But i'm not show how yet.

llyzs commented Jul 6, 2012

I had an attempt to add bluetooth audio integration for only myself here (hardcoded, not for upstream): llyzs/xbmc@4c79509

But just a few days ago bluez has completely removed ALSA support (targeting bluez 5) and provide their own API call "BlueZ D-Bus Audio API" as replacement. It seems for xbmc the best option is to use this API directly, that is, a new sink can be developed on top of the BlueZ Audio API (AESinkBlueZ) and that should work better than using ALSA plugin or PA. Any other comments?


da-anda commented Sep 30, 2012

what's the status of this? Just reading through the PRs and check what might be nice for Frodo. Thus this bump.

avjui commented Oct 21, 2012

+1 would be realy nice feature.


da-anda commented Mar 9, 2013

@elupus - what's your status on this? Did you have time to dig into it some more? Would be nice to get it in sometime in the next merge windows, so that there is enough time to test.


elupus commented Mar 10, 2013

No not really. I got so fed up with bluez and badly documented win api.

@tru tru pushed a commit to plexinc/plex-home-theater-public that referenced this pull request Jun 21, 2013

@gitSebastian gitSebastian Fix stuck focus in OSD menu buttons. Fixes #369.
Two buttons with identical ID's seemed to cause it, not clear as to why
it doesn't work anymore (it did in Eden and before).

fedexp commented Jul 22, 2013

@elupus will you be able to ever finish this? or have you given up? - I would really like to know. I have setup RPi as a media center and this is the only feature that is missing. So, if you say that this feature will never see the light of the day, then I will look to build a full fledged windows based htpc. Would like to hear from you on this.


sraue commented Jul 22, 2013

@fedexp if you want this (on RPi) you should take a look at OpenELEC's new (testing) releases. Other then that you should ask such questions in XBMCs forum and not here.


MartijnKaijser commented Sep 19, 2013

feel free to update if this is still wanted. closing for now


un1versal commented Dec 16, 2013

@elupus, this would have been a great addition, shame its been dumped several times.

what about @llyzs — are you still able to finish/update this? Would be great to have.

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