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πŸ’± ex-react-native-i18n for Expo
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ex-react-native-i18n for Expo

Integrates I18n.js with React Native and Expo. Uses the device's locale as default.

Automatic setup

$ npm install ex-react-native-i18n --save


$ yarn add ex-react-native-i18n


Before copy usage see this issue:

import I18n from 'react-native-i18n'

class Demo extends React.Component {
  // Async call to init the locale
  componentWillMount() {
  render () {
    return (

// Enable fallbacks if you want `en-US` and `en-GB` to fallback to `en`
I18n.fallbacks = true

I18n.translations = {
  en: {
    greeting: 'Hi!'
  fr: {
    greeting: 'Bonjour!'

This will render Hi! for devices with the English locale, and Bonjour! for devices with the French locale.


When fallbacks are enabled (which is generally recommended), i18n.js will try to look up translations in the following order (for a device with en_US locale):

  • en-US
  • en

Note: iOS locales use underscored (en_US) but i18n.js locales are dasherized (en-US). This conversion is done automatically for you.

I18n.fallbacks = true

I18n.translations = {
  'en': {
    greeting: 'Hi!'
  'en-GB': {
    greeting: 'Hi from the UK!'

For a device with a en_GB locale this will return Hi from the UK!', for a device with a en_US locale it will return Hi!.

Device's locale

You can get the device's locale with the RNI18n native module:

import I18n from 'ex-react-native-i18n'
const deviceLocale = I18n.locale

Returns en-US.

I18n.js documentation

For more info about I18n.js methods (localize, pluralize, etc) and settings see its documentation.

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