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A simulate fcitx-remote to handle osx input method in command line
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add loginput2 build support, witch is a chinese inputmethod.
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fcitx-remote OS X


fcitx-remote is a tool for control fcitx state via console. Users in Linux use it for interaction with their vim or emacs to avoid being interrupted by input method.


How this works

fcitx-remote for OS X dosen't rely on fcitx at all. It is just a small program which responds to fcitx.el etc. just like it's really a fcitx-remote in GNU/Linux.

You can choose your Chinese input method and English layout(or others) in compilation.


brew install fcitx-remote-for-osx --with-input-method=<method>

System Settings for methods other than general


System Settings for GENERAL method only

Set your shortcut for Select next source in input menu to Ctrl-Shift-z.


And set your English input method to US(美式英语)



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