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sc_sdram_burst Change Log


  • Fixed init code
  • Fixed bug in refresh timing
  • Renamed regress application to testbench
  • Fixed code so that no warnings are emitted (apart from "bidirectional buffered port not supported ") when compiling with xTIMEcomposer13.
  • Documentation tidy up
  • Fixed regression test bug where code was not properly generalised
  • Added manafacture test app
  • Extended control defines to work for 4 bit ports in an arbitrary way
  • Added PINOUT_V2_IS42S16400F target
  • Added cc_tops and bottoms to all the assembly for elimination if unused
  • Added sdram_col_write() for writing to a single column quickly


  • Minor fix to demo apps (declare port structures on the correct tile)


  • Initial Version
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