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Automatic exploit generation for simple linux pwn challenges.
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Exploits simple linux bof challenges involving alsr, nx and to some extend format strings. You can let it get you a shell or specify a win function that is called.



  • The program expects a local installation of libcdatabase in /home/user/tools/libcdatabase. To run local exploits make sure you add your local libc to libcdatabase (32-bit & 64-bit versions). Also in ~/tools you need a clone of ROPgadget (used for static binary exploitation).


The examples assume you create a 'work' subdirectory in the project folder where you copy the target binary into and run the program from.

Exploit local binary:

python ../ <name>

Run remote challenge

python ../ <name> -rhost <address> -rport <port>


  • a lot, this a just a PoC
  • we assume we can write enough bytes to put our payload after the return pointer overwrite - this is not always the case, so we fail on some binaries

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