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BohuTANG edited this page Jun 17, 2019 · 19 revisions

Welcome to the tokudb wiki!
The fork is based on Percona Server 5.7 with many new features, includes:

  • [feature] Built in jemalloc by default #8e576b1 [DONE]
  • [feature] Built in TokuDB storage engine by default #e6b2987 [DONE]
  • [feature] Add TokuDB row operations to measure the performance #1 [DONE]
  • [feature] Support TokuDB in Percona XtraBackup [DONE]
  • [feature] Add zstd compression algorithm as default row_format #2 [DONE]
  • [performace] Avoid fsync when binlog_group_commit is true #58e61b8 [DONE]
  • [bugfix] fixup 'ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN DATE TIME DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP' default value null #d4953aa [DONE]
  • [bugfix] tokudb: support xa interleaving on slave thread #1033c6a [DONE]
  • [feature] tokudb_cache_size configuration can be set dynamically [TODO]
  • [feature] Import/Export TokuDB tablespace [TODO]
  • [feature/bug/performance] Let me know...
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