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Open-source original Xbox game console metadata archive

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Xbox Database

An open-source original Xbox game console metadata archive. This data set was originally collected to track title compatibility for xemu, and is growing to become useful for other purposes.

Disclaimer: All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. All company, product and service names and images here are for identification purposes only.

Currently, the data set is a collection of information about official title releases, including:

  • Title names, with regional variants
  • Title executable identification metadata
  • Identifying artwork such as release media (discs), release media packaging (cases), and embedded XBE imagery used for game saves

Eventually, it will grow to include things like:

  • More XBE identification data, header information
  • Release data verification for attestation, similar to Redump, but with manifest of files on disc as well
  • Additional software release information: kernels, dashboards, dlc, game saves
  • Title executable knowledge: game engine, structure, etc


These data were originally collected from various places:


Open-source original Xbox game console metadata archive