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Dredge VR

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Dredge VR Banner

It makes the game VR.

This mod uses the mod loader and manager available on

This mod uses SteamVR so you have to have Steam installed to use it. In theory it will work on non-Steam versions of the game but I haven't tested it.

Has built in controller bindings for Oculus and Valve Index. You might have to set up your own bindings for other controllers.


  • 6DOF tracking and full motion controller support
  • The game is playable start to finish in VR

Roadmap (todo list):

  • The depth buffer is broken, meaning that the ocean and ice shaders don't look as good as they should - need to fix this
  • Need to reimplement the photo camera ability in VR (it isn't essential to beat the game, but still a fun feature)
  • Need to make the mod settings accessible in-game instead of just through a json file


Thank you Raicuparta for the advice and resources, and to PinkMilkProductions for the tutorials.

Thank you Black Salt Games for the cool game, was a lot of fun making it VR.

This mod is in no way affiliated with Black Salt Games or Team 17.


  • Custom prompts font was Microsoft YaHei UI (note to self if I need to draw more)
  • Uses free prompts by Xelu