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Getting Started

You can install Chyrp Lite in three steps. Make sure your server meets the minimum requirements and then read the Quick Start Guide for step-by-step illustrated instructions to get you blogging. You can find definitions for terms commonly used throughout this wiki in the Glossary of Terms.

Learn More

This wiki contains documentation for users and developers looking to do more with Chyrp Lite. If you want to modify or create a theme, start by reading Tour of a Theme. If you want to create a Feather or Module, start by reading Making Your First Module. The helper functions are also very, um... helpful!

Konnichi Wa!

Chyrp Lite is fully localized. If you would like to create a translation, read the Introduction to Translations. If you are developing a theme, a feather or a module for Chyrp Lite, learn about Localizing Extensions.

Did You Know?

Chyrp Lite's releases are all named after species of Old World sparrow, a very social little bird.

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