XenCenter, the Windows management console for XenServer
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Branding Move PRODUCT_MICRO_VERSION_OVERRIDE to branding (#1706) Jul 20, 2017
CFUValidator CP-26880: Resurrect XC legacy CFU validator Feb 7, 2018
CommandLib CA-249052: [SCTX-2514] xe.exe unable to upload patches with XS 7.1. Mar 31, 2017
WixInstaller CA-287118: Added the Json.NET dll in the installer for HealthCheckSer… Apr 12, 2018
XenAdmin CA-293776: The order in which a single update is applied on the slave… ( Aug 20, 2018
XenAdminTests CA-293813: Patch pools in parallel when installing a single update/pa… Aug 17, 2018
XenCenterLib CA-202377: Removed last instance of the QueuedBackgroundWorker and de… Aug 13, 2018
XenCenterVNC Namespace tidy 3/several: replaced XenAdmin.Core (instances in XenCen… Nov 30, 2017
XenModel CA-293813: Patch pools in parallel when installing a single update/pa… Aug 17, 2018
XenOvfApi CA-287341: Reset the working directory after compressing the OVF pack… Apr 13, 2018
XenOvfTransport CA-286293: OVF export missing the recommendations field (#2019) Apr 3, 2018
XenServerHealthCheck CA-284135: Correction Apr 20, 2018
XenServerHealthCheckTests CA-176169: Further copyright statement changes Jan 18, 2017
devtools Added option to also retrieve symbol files alongside the dlls. Feb 26, 2018
mk DO-3700: Add -src-pkgs file pattern in the hotfix-map file Apr 27, 2018
packages CA-284234: Updated the dotnet-packages reference. Apr 17, 2018
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ChangeLog CP-4807: Updated ChangeLog with version number; updated Readme file Jun 25, 2013
Jenkinsfile Create the manifest file at the end of the build when the output fold… Mar 12, 2018
LICENSE CA-176169: Copyright statement: Added comma at all places where it wa… Jan 18, 2017
MAINTAINERS CA-270619: update XC credits.xml and maintainers Oct 26, 2017
README.md Added Json.NET dll in the installer. Updated README. Dec 8, 2017
XenAdmin.sln CA-26880: Fix XenAdmin.sln after revert Feb 7, 2018
configure.cmd Added choco installer for Visual Studio Express 2010 to the prepare.c… Jun 30, 2015



This repository contains the source code for XenCenter.

XenCenter is a Windows-based management tool for XenServer environments which enables users to manage and monitor XenServer hosts and resource pools, and to deploy, monitor, manage and migrate virtual machines.

XenCenter is written mostly in C#.


The preferable way to contribute patches is to fork the repository on Github and then submit a pull request. If for some reason you can't use Github to submit a pull request, then you may send your patch for review to the xs-devel@lists.xenserver.org mailing list, with a link to a public git repository for review. Please see the CONTRIB file for some general guidelines on submitting changes.


This code is licensed under the BSD 2-Clause license. Please see the LICENSE file for more information.

How to build XenCenter

To build XenCenter, you need

  • the source from xenadmin repository
  • Visual Studio 2013

and also some libraries which we do not store in the source tree:

  • CookComputing.XmlRpcV2.dll
  • Newtonsoft.Json.dll
  • DiscUtils.dll
  • ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll
  • Ionic.Zip.dll
  • log4net.dll

You can find the source code of these libraries (along with some patches) in dotnet-packages repository.

You also need NUnit libraries

  • nunit.framework.dll
  • Moq.dll

which can be obtained from http://www.nunit.org/.