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Tag organizer that uses names of files and folders to create symlinks. Tags are defined by using #hashtags in the name. They can also be as many sub levels as you want, like #sub-hash-tag

note This version is a completey different version than the old ( The old version works for python 2 (but not 3). It also had config-file instead of parameters. Check out the repo if you want it..


This project is in beta stage, please report bugs :)

Any questions, thoughts, bugs are very welcome!


  • 3.6+


Start the container with environment variables like CRON_TAGGO_0 with the format * * * * *|run ....

  • CRON_TAGGO_n where n is a number, start at 0, have as many as you want.
  • We take care automaticly that only 1 of each number is running at a time. Example, if one of your job is running every minute and it takes more than a minute to finish. It wont start the 2nd time.
  • The environment variable is split in 2 by a |. The first param is a cron, the 2nd is the parameters sent to the taggo command.


  • Why the name taggo?
    • It's a tagging tool. It does stuff with tags. What do you suggest? Tagging, taggs, tags, tag2fold... no.. Taggo!
  • Why do you want to create tags with symlinks?
    • Because everyone have underestimated the power of tagging data.
    • Photo filenames are just wasted, what does DCIM1234.jpg tell you?
    • You know you miss one folder that contains all your dog pictures.
    • You sould not depend on a 3rd party program/database to manage your files/photos.
  • There are just a bunch of empty folders created on windows
    • This is probably because you are not allowed to create symlinks (verify by running with debug). To allow yourself access to do that, go to Administrative Tools > Local Security Policy > Local Policies > User Rights Assignment and add your account to Create symbolic links.


Tag organizer that uses filenames and symlinks to create tags.




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