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* Fix some oddities on Snow Leopard regarding the Profile systems.
* Fix several memory leaks.
* Fix autoreconnect not working after a long period of time of reconnecting. (#136)
* Fix crash on Mac OS X 10.6
* Fix crash when connecting to old MPD.
Theremin 0.6.2:
* Toggle MPD output devices
* Refactoring
* Volum Slider bug fixes.
Theremin 0.6.1:
* cover art support.
* Fixes a bug where the player and library tables were empty.
* Various other bugfixes.
Theremin 0.6.0:
* Profile support.
* A lot of refactoring - consider this a beta release.
* Hidden option: defaults write at.justp.theremin squeezeboxSupportEnabled true
This enables very, very experimental squeezebox support.
* Removed amazon cover art support. As of August 15, one is required to
sign the requests using their private key, which I am not willing to embed
into an open source app.
* Updated Sparkle to 1.5 b6 and enabled optional anonymous usage
* Batch re-setting of compilation info on import. This fixes a crash on startup experienced by some users.
Theremin 0.5.3:
* More code cleanup.
* Added a 'Unknown Genre'.
* Context Menu in Library works again. Also fixed some bugs concerning the Library.
* Volume Slider can be changed using mousewheel now.
* Clicking on the icon next to the volume slider now mutes MPD.
* Added a 'x songs, xx:xx total time' label to the main Theremin window.
* Performance for large libraries should be back to pre-0.5.2 speeds.
* Various bugfixes regarding the library.
* Added Cut, Copy and Paste back to the Edit menu.
Theremin 0.5.2:
* Added optional Genre browser to Library
* Removing columns works on Leopard again.
Due to this change, all the table customizations are lost.
There was unfortunately no easy way to keep them.
* Lot of code refactoring.
* Apple Remote works on Leopard. Couldn't test it on Tiger.
* Volume Slider fixes.
* Song information fixes.
Theremin 0.5.1:
* If no title is set, title search will match the filename.
* Scrollbars in Library will not automatically hide.
* Searching now works keyword based. If you want to search for multiple words in the correct order, use
* Added Setting to choose if double click in the Library appends or replaces.
* You can now drag and drop a named playlist to append the named playlist to your playlist.
* Many bugfixes concerning the new Library.
* Select All in the Library Album/Artist view now just selects the first row (like iTunes)
* Don't display growl notifications for the same song. This was a problem with unstable connections to the mpd server.
Patch came from sfiera <> - thanks.
* Don't delay growl notices if cover art is disabled. Patch again from sfiera <> - thanks.
* The Song-Info window now works more like a mac dialog. OK button is gone. And you can open as many as you like.
* Fixed a serious bug while importing the Library (Library was empty after Theremin restart).
Theremin 0.5.0:
* Rewrite of the Library code. It is now based on SQLite3. Should perform much better, especially while importing.
* Added Disc column.
* If no Title is set, use last component of filename.
* Prepared Theremin for localization.
* Fixed some serious bugs.
* Theremin can now detect Compilations to group them like iTunes. It is also configurable in the Library by
right clicking on Songs.
* Select All works correct again.
* If playing a song without correct time tags (f.e. a webstream) don't show some invalid values.
* If library changes, the selection for artist and album are kept.
* Use new implementation of Amazon Web Services. Should be much more robust now.
* Delete key works again to delete songs in the playlist.
* Try to fetch coverart before sending notice to Growl.
* Don't try to fetch coverart if no artist or album is set.
Theremin 0.4.0:
* Theremin now got an icon! Thanks to Jonas Ohlsson.
* Many icons are a bit cleaner than before. Also, thanks to Jonas Ohlsson.
* Added Volume Control into Menu with Shortcut Command-Up and Command-Down.
* If you click on a Growl notification, Theremin is activated and
the player window appears.
* Save playlist drawer state and width.
* Get Info window for songs in Library and Playlist.
* Cover Art images can be dragged to iTunes.
* Columns in Playlist and Library are now configurable.
* Added Progress indicator to Cover View.
* Space now works alost everywhere to Play/Pause.
* Fixed order in which Widgets get focused on pressing Tab.
* Pressing Left/Right skips to the Previous/Next song.
* On Searching in the Library, focus the Songview. Pressing Escape
Cancels search.
* On Connect, the currently playing song will be selected and scrolled to.
* On Randomize, the currently playing song will be selected and scrolled to.
* If you replace all files in the playlist, the new currently playing song
will be selected.
* On skipping to next/previous album, the new currently playing song will
be selected and scrolled to.
Theremin 0.3.6:
* Pressing Escape after searching in the playlist cancels the search.
* Don't nag about reading the password on entering preferences
* Apple Remote support changes: added options to control when
apple remote support is enabled (when focused, always, never).
If you press and hold the volume key, it behaves correctly now
* Support for Saving/Loading/Deleting playlists
* Support for randomizing current playlist. Advantage over using Shuffle
is that you know which song will play next and can also change it.
* Fixed notification when database is updated remotely.
Theremin 0.3.5:
* Preliminary Growl support
* Play/Pause with Spacebar works again
* If Albums are selected, keep the selection if the artist changes.
This is currently limited to 20 albums - otherwise its too slow.
* If you right-click in the library the entry under the mouse cursor
will be selected now.
* Using Option-Enter in Library appends Songs to the Playlist
Theremin 0.3.4:
* Fixed major bug: if you unfocused Theremin and focused it again, the status update timer was started
in the wrong thread.
* Added Alexis ROBERT's Apple Remote patch.
* Using's UnifiedToolbar for the like toolbar buttons instead of my own
* Cover Artwork support
* Added option 'Pause on Sleep': Theremin will pause music playback when the Mac goes to sleep and resume
playback after it wakes up again.
* Fixed a crash on disconnect/server shutdown.
Theremin 0.3.3:
* Massive code-cleanup
* Added support for updating the remote database (Edit -> Update Database)
Theremin 0.3.2:
* After pressing enter in the search field in the playlist, focus the playlist
* Pressing Enter on a Song in the playlist starts playing that song
* on action characters, don't beep after executing action
* Added Select All and Delete into menu
* Added Password support
* Added Drag and Drop support inside Playlist
* Added Drag and Drop support between Library and Playlist
Theremin 0.3.1:
* Added 'Append to Playlist' context menu in Library
* Searching in Playlist is now a lot faster
* Fixed some big memory leaks
* Fixed a bug while searching in Playlist (untagged songs were always found)
* Fixed a bug with double clicking on multiple artists if you had many songs with no album tag set.
Theremin 0.3:
* if database updates, update the local library - this doesn't work for me, but seems like a mpd bug on my side.
* added search for playlist and library
* added 'Show Current Song' menu item with Command-L shortcut
* added 'Next Album' and 'Previous Album' Control menu items with Shortcuts Option-Command-Right and Option-Command-Left
* if you change songs and the song isn't visible in the playlist, it now scrolls to the song
Theremin 0.2.1:
* Show a Progress Dialog while Library is imported
* Added Sparkle Auto Update mechanism
* Added Command-K shortcut for 'Connect'
* Added Command-D shortcut for 'Disconnect'
* Show a bit better what Theremin is doing
* Added Shuffle and Repeat menu items (not in status bar due to
lack of icons.)
* Updated Library Icons so it looks a little bit better. Not perfect yet.
(YES, I'm in need of a icon designer ;)
Theremin 0.2:
* Added Library. You can access it using Command-2 or the Note-Button
in the Playlist window.
To add something from the Library to the playlist, either double-click
on it or press Enter.
Currently its only 'live-searchable' - you focus one list and type
what you want to find.
* You can remove songs from the Playlist using Backspace now.
* Some volume slider bugs fixed:
. Doesn't jump around like crazy while dragging it.
. Set the correct pixmap on connect.
* Added seek-slider.
* Columns positions are remembered now.