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This is a list of references concerning the book SilverStripe 2.4 Module Extension, Themes, and Widgets: Beginner's Guide

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The Book

How to Get It



  • Frank Mullenger:
    "The latest book offering in a short line of SilverStripe books is an enjoyable read and full of useful and practical content. As I read through I kept a file noting little tips that were either completely new to me or were techniques that I should be making more use of, by the end of the book there were 49 of them."
    "Overall I think it is an excellent SilverStripe text, it considers beginners but manages to cover a lot of ground concisely and with great use of everyday, practical examples. I think this book will continue to be relevant well into the future because it covers many fundamentals of SilverStripe, as well as how to make best use of SilverStripe by extending with widgets, short codes and modules."
  • Aram Balakjian:
    "What does it cover? Quite a lot actually, and for the most part it does well not to overlap the Official Book too, meaning you can get a decent amount out of reading both (for those of you with lots of time on your hands!)."
    "The final word? If you are new to SilverStripe and/or CMSs' in general then this is a great way to jump start your SilverStripe development skills."
  • Andrea Tarantini:
    "I found this book very well written and entertaining. The author does a great job highlighting the SilverStripe way of building websites, and a good book explaining a good CMS is a very enjoyable read."
    "Last but not least, we learn how to localize and internationalize our website. Now we can go forth and build great websites with SilverStripe!"
  • Anselm Christophersen:
    "If you'd like to learn about Silverstripe, or you'd like to improve your Silverstripe knowledge today, I'd recommend Krenn's book over Schommer's."
    "Foremost because of its recent publishing, and thus inclusion of 2.4 only features as partial caching and short codes, as well as up-to-date information on error handling and logging, and information on Silverstripe's recent activities regarding structure changes."
    "But secondly also because of the website example built throughout the book, giving the reader an easy-to-adapt blueprint for whatever website he's working on."
  • Chris Hope:
    "The title of the book is slightly mis-leading but only because it gives an excellent overview of SilverStripe as a whole, not just dealing with modules, themes and widgets."
    "It's well laid out and covers pretty much everything you need to know 'out of the box' in a SilverStripe install and is excellent for developers just getting started with SilverStripe."
    "Having said this, I've worked with SilverStripe for 18 months now so I'm very familiar with the way most of it works, but there are still topics in this book that will help me create my SilverStripe websites better so I'm glad to have this book to refer to."
  • Dave Berry:
    "While the book says Beginner’s Guide on the cover, it really is useful for intermediate and seasoned developers alike. With almost 2 years of Silverstripe development experience, I learned new things all throughout this book."
    "Over all, this is an excellent book for Silverstripe developers from beginning to advanced. The topics are well thought out and uses simple but practical examples that allow one to think outside the box. It also covers fundamentals that are used in Silverstripe that I find myself overlooking now and then. I’m extremely grateful for the chance to read this book and I will be using it as resource and reference in the future."
  • Shawn McBurnie:
    "It [the book] does an admirable job of covering SilverStripe's basics and the principles behind them, but it also provides powerful tools and techniques. These can, if used carelessly or with poor understanding, do anything from breaking default features in unexpected ways to deleting or corrupting the entire database. The good practice of learning and experimenting in a safe development environment is essential here."
    "Krenn provides solid coverage on everything from concepts such as the Model-View-Controller pattern (and why it's a good thing), inheritance, and abstraction, to specifics such as shortcode, widget, and module creation and implementation."
  • Fred Condo:
    "I would require any junior developer joining QI to work through this book and its examples. I would ask the same of developers working at our client organizations who want to do maintenance or extension work on code that QI has delivered."
    "Philipp Krenn writes in a clear style that is easy to comprehend. He documents and explains SilverStripe in a straightforward cognitive style that starts with a principle, then gives examples, provides hands-on experience, and finally recapitulates the principle and practice in sections called 'What just happened?' Pop quizzes and summaries at the ends of chapters further contribute to the repetition that helps to drive learning."
  • Courage Web Solutions Ltd:
    "Using plain language and simple step-by-step instructions the reader is taught all of the concepts they need to understand in order to enhance and extend their SS site."
    "Not content just with explaining the "how" of SS development, Krenn also explains the "why." Each chapter has tips for best practice, warnings of traps that snare the unwary and questions to help understanding of the concepts. All code examples are clear and explained fully. The chapter then finishes with self-guided tasks to extend on the concepts introduced in that chapter."
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  • "I got the book a couple weeks ago, and while I haven't quite finished it yet, I've learned a few very key things that have already been worth the price of admission." [Lauren Mier]


  • "Ich bin recht froh, dass es dank Ihrem Buch nun auch eine aktualisierte Auflage zu Silverstripe 2.4 gibt. Daher einfach mal vielen Dank für Ihre Arbeit an dieser Stelle." [C. Sommer]